KL Engineering, Inc. has built a suite of professional Civil Engineering services around a core specialization in transportation engineering and an unwavering customer service ethic. Today, we provide civil engineering, survey, environmental and planning services for both public and private clients. Along the way to delivering the end product, we deliver something just as valuable: constant communication, kept promises and a flexible, hassle-free relationship.

Our areas of expertise include:

KL Engineering - Expertise Even before your project gets underway, KL Engineering helps you guide the research and public outreach to ensure a smoother execution.

Our experienced staff conducts needs assessments, traffic studies, environmental analyses, planning studies, future travel models and much more.

We coordinate public communications as well, from community presentations to government meetings, business interviews to neighborhood group gatherings.

Responsive, flexible, accountable. That's the KL Engineering difference, and that's why our clients get [A] Better Experience.

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